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Hero Bait Bomb

Bomb doesn't blow up unless one tries to turn it off
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The idea is to make a bomb with a countdown. However, the bomb will do nothing if one ignores it. Many wires will only serve to reduce the time to detonate if cut, but cutting some wires will cause the bomb to detonate.

This results in a bomb that will not explode when the person setting it off activates it, but will explode only in the dangerous case that someone (clearly they aren't on your team) is trying to deactivate it.

Admittedly probably not useful in real life, it would make an interesting device for use in a movie.

aguydude, Aug 25 2006


       TV shows and films have had bombs in them before with failsafes such as this (Although of course, the bomb goes off when the big red numbers get to 0 anyway).
fridge duck, Aug 25 2006

       My bombs always go off when the countdown reaches eleven.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 25 2006

       So a bomb with attention deficit disorder then? I'm really not sure how to think about this.
hidden truths, Aug 26 2006

       [fridge duck] I'm pretty sure many real bombs are also designed such that they'll explode if you cut the wrong wire. The important difference is that *this* bomb will *not* blow up if the timer reaches zero, unless someone interferes with it.
aguydude, Aug 29 2006

       'cause it's blue?
methinksnot, Aug 31 2006


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