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Buoyant, luminous, parasitic lighting
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In this modern world we’re continually bathed in a sea of electromagnetic energy. Radio frequency fields can be harvested for (small amounts of) power, effectively for free.

A lovely array of helium-filled balloons bobbles across your ceiling, lighting your room. They comprise an LED light source, a helium-filled envelope with a conductive printed parasitic coil, and a tiny remote control receiver.

No battery required, no wires, no worries.

Frankx, Sep 18 2019


       Hydrogen would be cheaper [+] but slightly more dangerous [++]
8th of 7, Sep 19 2019

       Nice, different levels of buoyancy could map the spectrum in a volume. Biodegradable life span needed though.
wjt, Sep 20 2019

       Helium, being so small, is difficult to contain, and leaks out of any small balloon I'm familiar with within days.
notexactly, Sep 24 2019


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