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hemispherical LCD panel

Does anyone know if you can create a hemispherical LED or LCD or OLED panel?
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I'm a graduate student working in biomechanical engineering on a cosmetic moving prosthetic eye. I was wondering if it is possible to have an LCD or OLED panel shaped into a hemisphere of about 2" diameter.

Anyone got any leads on if this is possible?

Myradale, May 13 2005

http://www.research...lcd-technology.html [contracts, May 13 2005]

PHOLED displays: inkjet printing technology http://www.universa...ress-2004-12-14.htm
[half, May 13 2005]

This should give you a good eyedea of what's presently real in terms of the flexible display technology http://images.googl...=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=wi
Though they wouldn't want to flex to the extent you need, maybe small segments could be applied to a sphere. Not sure if you could do that seamlessly. [half, May 13 2005]

Color e-paper by 2006? http://advancedmedi...epaper_by_2006.html
[half, May 13 2005]

SyncroSign http://www.gyriconm...gnMessageBoardV.asp
Intuitive display -- flipping spheres with hemispheres of various colors. [reensure, May 19 2005]


       Yes. Try a google search for "Flexible LCD." But why would you want an eye that displays various images? Anyway, your main concern will be a source of light behind the LCD screen.
contracts, May 13 2005

       I think having an eye that could display various images (prefferable that the user could choose/upload images) is a very neat idea. Mite even start a fashion trend among one eyed people...
maximus5, May 13 2005

       Nothin' them cyclopses like more than have people stare at the bad eye.
contracts, May 13 2005

       Will it be able to pick up CNN?
moomintroll, May 13 2005

       Actually, I'm currently working on a mechanical system to have full range of motion in a prosthetic eye. I thought that having a moving image of an iris on an LCD eye would be a more energy efficient and elegant solution, but haven't been able to find out if non-flat LCD's are currently possible.
Myradale, May 13 2005

       Ah! Very interesting!! Now that's an idea worth posting :-D I believe that's a little ahead of the technology at the moment. Would this be designed as a fully integrated solution inside an eye-sized globe?
contracts, May 13 2005

       I think OLED would be the best bet. There's been quite a bit written about organic LED creation via inkjet printing techniques. (link 1)   

       Even the already existing stuff on flexible substrate might come pretty close. (link 2)   

       I have to admit that this made me think of "Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow..." It seems like it would be tricky to make it look natural. Could the brightness be controlled well enough, referencing ambient light, to make it look like reflected light?   

       Speaking of reflected light, have you looked in to "e-paper" technology? Last I heard, color e-paper was supposedly on the way. It seems highly likely that it would have the same flexibility issues, but maybe it would have a better chance of looking natural due to the reflected light issue. Another advantage of that technology is that it holds an image with no power applied. If the batteries ran down, it could use the last bit of energy to image an eye looking straight forward (or an out of order sign?). I don't recall whether they anticipate a high enough refresh rate to support animation.   

       I'd be interested in how you are planning to determine what movement to emulate. Is it based on the other eye? Nerve impulses from the missing eye?   

       If you're writing a paper, pop back in and post a link if you make it available on the internet.
half, May 13 2005

       Have you thought of a flat, round, transparent LCD and back projecting its image onto a hemispherical “eyeball screen”?
FarmerJohn, May 13 2005

       I was just thinking of the comical effects in failure mode..crossed eyes etc.   

       I agree the co-ordination from one eye to the other would be difficult. But I assume that one eye is to be replaced. If both eyes are replaced then they would be co-ordinated, but possibly quite random.
Ling, May 16 2005

       Actually, I'm using NiTi memory alloys to actuate a mechanical solution. I just wanted to evaluate the potential for obselesence before I began. Currently we're using a eyeglass frmae mounted IR emitter/detector array to monitor the position of the "good" iris, btu we hope to have implanted myoelectric sensors in the future. E-paper might be a good solution. We're trying to avoid backprojection and the like... it's a lot less creepy to have a stationary eye than to have one that glows in the dark. As far as I can tell, there's no theoretical problem with a hemisphere LCD, (or OLED), but the technology simply hasn't been investigated, and probably won't be in the near future.
Myradale, May 19 2005


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