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Florist Foam Hat

A flower arrangement on your head
  [vote for,

A hat formed out of that absorbent (usually green)florist foam. It would hold water and keep your head cool and you could have a fresh flower arrangement to change at will throughout the day.
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 02 2003


       As long as it could also be done in a drover style, it has my vote.
Klaatu, Dec 02 2003

       No more fumbling for pipe cleaners, either.
thumbwax, Dec 02 2003

       Beautiful idea. Could cover it with fragrant roses and lavender in the summer. Might be a bit heavy but who cares.
squeak, Dec 02 2003

       Welcome to the bakery. + (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Dec 02 2003

       I'm bunning this only because someday I may want to divert attention away from my pattern balding tward a more colorful floral mohawk arrangement ... HOWEVER, that green foam stuff rubs off in small particles which ends up EVERYWHERE, and can be quite messy ... perhapse laminating, or sealing the bottom might be in order ... also handy if you want a fountain to go with your banzai tree headpiece.   

       <obligatory> "Aww, you butchered it!" </o>
Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2003

       Great idea [C_I]. Could be great for weddings/ funerals/ Valentines day and the like. A bun of oasis for you!
hazel, Dec 03 2003

       Bees everywhere!
dobtabulous, Dec 03 2003

       I like it, [Cap'n]. Fresh flowers being one of the most pleasant fragrances in the world I bun thee. + Yes, it would be heavy and even a bit sloppy, but for parties, I'd have it no other way.
k_sra, Dec 03 2003

       dobtabulous, a bee hive hat in the same room could really be a problem.
max_pants, Dec 03 2003

       hey, when the in-anno linkage thing happen?
Eugene, Dec 03 2003

       meanwhile, you could try a pith helmet...
stevec2, Jan 27 2004

       <sings> Alllll around my hat, I will wear the green willow</sings>
oneoffdave, Jan 27 2004


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