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twiggy hat of movement capability

walking along a log just touching a twig tells your nervous system you have effective feedback; if you touch the twig with your head it also works; this idea has a twig attached to accelerometers that touch your head when your movement wobbles thus immediately reassuring your nervous system
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I was walking on a log feeling wobbly

just touching a twig rather than leaning on it made walking more assured n natural I think mammal nervous systems have a circuit that says support near, walk absent wobbling leaning or shaking when just lightly touching a possible support

think of a gymnast before n after practicing on a beam

touching the twig with my head also works to give more assured walking even though I can't grab the twig with my head I think there is a neural circuit that says effective touch feedback means minimal risk

Thus a gymnastics or dance super practice n ability hat would be a hat that had nanoaccelerometers like the kind that deploy airbags; when the hat detected wobbliness on the part of the gymnast or dancer tduring practice the twig would lightly touch the head activating the neurology of absence of wobble or shake

this would make practicing movements more effective as the person could know there were mats n pillows yet the nervous system is more reassured with a twig touch

kind of like an elf hat for humans

beanangel, May 03 2009

fashionable... http://farm3.static...5194_8f704f919e.jpg
[xandram, May 04 2009]


       Just tape a bunch 'o twigs to your head, and cultivate a healthy, happy and assured nervous system.   

       "Feel tired, nervous, washed-out? Ever suffer from unpleasant wobble or shake? These all used to be signs of degenerative neural collapse, but science has striven forward to provide you with TwigHead™ - a neural stimulation therapy designed for our busy modern world. With TwigHead™ you too can benefit from ATA (active twig assurance) technology in the comfort of your own home. Simply apply the specially formulated articulated tree components† to your neural interfaces using our patented neural tree component positioning situator‡ for 24 hour neural assurance.   

       TwigHead™ is in all good stockists now.   

       Be kind to your neurology, with TwigHead™   

       † some articulated tree components may contain leaves
‡ replacement component positioning situator devices available under the brand-name "Cellotape"
zen_tom, May 05 2009

       Nothing to do with Ms Hornby, then?
coprocephalous, May 05 2009

       I agree with this finding, [+], but...   

       Even grabbing a twig, which your brain tells you could in no way could support your weight in a fall, stabilizes ballance when doing something like walking over a fast moving river on a partially submerged log.
I'm not so sure about grabbing one which is atached to your head however.

       The twig acts as a point of reference to your balance - if it was attached to you, it wouldn't provide this.   

       Unless you used extremely accurate accelerometers, and a multitude of servos, to keep the twig always in the same orientation relative to the ground, not to your head. Doubt that would be possible with today's technology though, the lag would make it useless.
mitxela, May 06 2009

       what precisely is the mass against which the "twig" is pushing to produce force against your head? "impossible" is the word that comes to mind. "magic" might also apply.
WcW, May 06 2009

       [WcW] It's the information of the twig not the action of the twig.   

       I still think, if you don't like heights like me then a touch won't overcome my fear/balance wobble.
wjt, May 07 2009

       Are the birch twigs in Finnish saunas all about balance, then?
pertinax, May 07 2016


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