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Flowetry in motion

Water wheel surfing
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Instead of one flume driving the wheel, there are several - each one aligned from below to drive up each paddle in order to maintain volume and surf quality at the top of the wheel. The surfer enters via a separate flume from the top and then has the challenge of handling the board to stay there instead of hitting the waterfall.
Phrontistery, Aug 02 2012


       I am having trouble visualizing this.
bungston, Aug 02 2012

       Surfing on top of a water wheel?   

Alterother, Aug 02 2012

       what [bungston] said... aren't ww's driven from the top ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2012

       This sounds more like a design for a machine to produce minced surfer quickly and efficiently.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2012

       Yep - you don't have to hose it down before calling "NEXT!"
lurch, Aug 02 2012


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