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Gutter Surfing

Super-buoyant, rail-thin boards for gutter surfing in the rain
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Jimmy threw down his gutter board on the corner of the block and jumped on. Rain bubbles popped by the hundreds in his wake, and he readied himself for the upcoming sewer drain. Closer...closer...*jump,* and he would have almost stuck the landing if it weren't for the present a dog had left in a very inconvienent spot.
Eugene, Jul 21 2003


       so whats this like some sort of skim board? You are going to need pretty wide gutters to do this, unless your skim boarding in flooded gutter in wich case an old bodyboard works pretty well. How would you ollie this thing over the drain?
Gulherme, Jul 22 2003

       it's rail-thin, about as thin as a ski, but shorter. And it's ultralight. I'm depended on the invention of an ultralight material especially for this.
Eugene, Jul 22 2003

       Don't people, well, kids keep drowning in storm drains? How would you avoid the law suit liability?
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       yay - use vacuum-filled carbon buckyballs for playing in the gutters.   

       Don't worry doctor its not intended as sporting equipment - its a high-tech dado rail - anyone misusing it is responsible for their own actions and voids the warranty.
chud, Jul 22 2003

       This is extreme sports, here. Lawsuits are merely fuel for the ongoing fight against The Man.
Eugene, Jul 22 2003

       Is this board supposed to float the weight of a full-sized human?
k_sra, Jul 23 2003

       Only the steam-powered version...
DrCurry, Jul 23 2003

       I was thinking along those lines k_sra, I kept thinking of pigeons hopping on and off.
po, Jul 23 2003

       Pigeons gutter surfing? Aw, cute!
k_sra, Jul 23 2003

       envisioning 'gutter-surfer' rising to instant pop-culture catchphrase-ism, only to crash to the bottom rung 3 months later.
RayfordSteele, Jul 23 2003

       I don't know what "gutter" means :(   

       (I know, I know!! I'm too lazy to look it up, ok?)
Pericles, Jul 23 2003

       gutter = side of road where the rain leaks away with all the litter left by louts.
po, Jul 23 2003

       You have to have a fair amount of speed to keep going, and a lot of water flowing through the gutter. It can only be played in cities where it rains a lot. Like, say, Seattle.
Eugene, Mar 26 2004


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