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Radio Clock Smoke Alarm

Wake to the fire with local radio... (AKA Fishbones ahoy!)
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You wake up. Something is wrong. WHAT? What on earth is radio (insert most hated radio channel here) doing on at this time of morning/night/afternoon? 'Oh', you realise, 'it's just the smoke alarm, let's go back to sleep - actually, let's get out now before we die listening to Gareth-flippin'-Gates 'Spirit in the Sky'.
froglet, Feb 18 2005

Gareth-flippin'-Gates 'Spirit in the Sky' http://www.youtube....watch?v=ANYobk7_tJk
WTF?! [jutta, May 05 2008]


       Plus you can change it to your favourite/most hated radio station...
froglet, Feb 18 2005

       Is that the "Spirit in the Sky" originally sung by Norman Greenbaum? I can't think of a better thing to listen to when I'm about to die. ;)   

       Even though this is a bad idea, I can't bring myself to bone it. I kinda like it, actually.   

       Oh, and 'welcome to the halfbakery.'
Machiavelli, Feb 18 2005

       Yeah, Spirit in the Sky was originally done by that bloke, but I lisened to the remake (by Gareth Gates) so many times in my parents car, I nearly microwaved the CD, but it isn't the CDs fault, it's Gareth Gate's fault!! Oh, and thanks for the welcome!!:):):):):)
froglet, Feb 18 2005

       I think the idea of a smoke alarm built into an alarm clock is actually BRILLIANT. Most people never bother to buy/maintain a smoke alarm, but everyone has a bedside alarm clock. Yes, I know that smoke alarms work best when up on the ceiling, but a bedside smoke alarm that comes built into your clock is better than the ceiling-mounted one you never got around to installing.
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       Thing is, while I do have a radio-alarmclock, I only use the beeping setting because when the radio starts playing in the morning, no matter what station, I wake up, think: " Ooh, music" and fall asleep again. The BEEPBEEPBEEP makes me actually get up.
Trickytracks, Feb 20 2005

       Problem is, if the smoke alarm is in your bedside clock, by the time it goes off it'd mean the smoke is right next to you (and your likely engulfed in it already)
wolstech, May 06 2008


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