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Flushable kitchen bin.

Gone, all gone.
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Looks like a conventional kitchen pedestal bin.

However, the smooth plastic liner tapers slightly, being somewhat narrower at the top than the bottom.

Pressing the pedal opens the lid to allow waste to be deposited.

When the lid is closed, a second pedal can be pressed which triggers the "flushing" cycle. The lid is clamped into place; the hatch which forms the bottom of the bin swings down, and a powerful blast of air drives the contents down into a tube below and conveys them to the outside of the property where a receiving unit dumps them into a container for storage until collection.

The base hatch then closes, latches and seals, an a fine spray of perfumed disinfectant washes down the interior of the bin, draining out through a pipe to a holding tank for re-use. The holding tank is periodically automatically flushed and refilled with fresh water and chemicals.

The lid then unlatches ready for the next items of waste.

8th of 7, Sep 24 2011

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       Here, kitty kitty kitty... [+]
Grogster, Sep 24 2011

       I wonder if stray dogs would come to associate the flushing sound with possible new tidbits. I hope your external hopper is protected.
Voice, Sep 25 2011

       So you want to clean your garbage then?
bob, Sep 25 2011

       Given that kitchen waste contains a bigger variety of shapes and hardnesses than typically makes its way into the loo pipes, wouldn't this run the risk of seriously hard to unclog clogs?
swimswim, Sep 25 2011

       ^ it doesn't send trash down the regular plumbing, it gets shot through a tube to the dumpster outside.
DIYMatt, Sep 25 2011

       So the tube to the dumpster is clog-proof? Especially when filled with milk cartons, coffee cans, cardboard boxes?
swimswim, Sep 25 2011

       Yes. It's a large diameter tube (slightly larger than the top aperture of the bin), with PTFE-coated walls, and both the air pressure and volume are enough to drive any item of waste through at very high velocity.
8th of 7, Sep 25 2011

       As long as the air pressure is enough to force it out the end of the chute and into the bin with an explosive p-p-p-pROP!, then [+].
swimswim, Sep 25 2011

       [+] 1000psi crap cannon
saedi, Sep 25 2011

       The DeLuxe version has an additional control panel from which the "EMERGENCY UNBLOCK" function can be accessed. Activating this feature initiates a substantial cartridge charge of propellant in the manner of a Coffman starter, instantly clearing any blockages from the disposal tube pipework*.   

       *The eardrum-rupturing shock wave and the fifteen metre flame tail from the end of the tube may not be acceptable in all jurisdictions. Please check your local bye-laws before entering the enabling code, turning the two keys simultaneously, lifting the switch covers and pressing both red buttons simultaneously. You then have 10 minutes to evacuate the premises before firing. When the countdown goes below 10 seconds the ABORT button is locked out and the firing sequence will run to completion; may the Lord have mercy on your soul (if any).
8th of 7, Sep 25 2011

       //additional control panel from which the "EMERGENCY UNBLOCK" function can be accessed.//
I suggest something like <link>
mouseposture, Sep 25 2011

       //The lid then unlatches ready for the next items of waste.//   

       Surprised this didn't say |"next victim", but there you go.   

       I think it's an idea of genius. I think it's cos most inventors are guys, and guys didn't tend to do to much housework. So, something with the intricacy of a carburettor got made, but the house is still not self-cleaning...pain in the bottom.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 25 2011

       Well, there probably aren't many women who would think of incorporating a Coffman Starter* into a waste receptacle, and fewer still who would actually try it, so that supports your theory.   

       *which earns my bun. [+]
Alterother, Sep 28 2011


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