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Food Processing Garbage Disposal

Why let all that Horsepower go to waste?
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My garbage disposal in the kitchen sink sports an amazing 1hp electric motor. For this kind of latent power, I want it to do more than grind up potato peels. Why own a separate food processor that only clutters up the kitchen with odd-shaped attachments? I propose mounting an optional food hopper next to the sink drain that would rotate in under the disposal at the push of a button. Then, when you want to chop, shred, slice, whatever, you turn on the disposal switch and stuff the food down the sink drain where it is processed by the disposal and flies into the hopper. It might even have a self-cleaning cycle where scalding hot water and disinfectent is cycled through before putting in food. No more washing intricate food processor parts, no more cleaning up the counter after a messy shredding job. Imagine making frozen margharitas by pouring tequila, triple-sec, a whole lime and ice down the drain.
riromero, Jul 07 2003


       This idea could have gone so well. Just add attachments that stick out of the sink. Do that and I'll bake you something nice.
Worldgineer, Jul 07 2003

FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2003

       Ya - like a power takeoff on a tractor.
bungston, Jul 07 2003

       Now, if you accidentally lost a finger to the disposal, it wouldn't go to waste.
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2003

       PTO shaft is a definite need. Have you seen what lives in my sink drain?
RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2003

       'doohickey' has been used 16 times in the halfbakery. 15 times by Unabubba and once by me.
neilp, Dec 22 2004


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