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Flying With Magnets

Large magnet (mile long). Attach magnets (- charge) on bottom of objects and have them float.
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Okay, the summary isn't so Good. Anyways, you know how when you put the - and the - side of magnets together, they get forced away from eachother? Well maybe if you somehow obtain a really large flat magnet (a mile long) and placed it on the ground and take another magnet and lets say...attach it to the bottom of the car. If both magnets had the same charge on them they would not be able to connect with eachother...therefore making the object float....therefor floating cars! Now, making them MOVE is another story......
Jonah, Aug 13 2000

Maglev, according to Google http://www.google.com/search?q=maglev
About 10,000 results, most of which deal with this idea. [bookworm, Aug 13 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) http://www.halfbake...tic_20lev_2e_20cars http://www.halfbake...tic_20lev_2e_20cars
Yep, here's a demonstration. [snikrepkire, Oct 04 2004]


       No it wouldnt work if you did that the car would turn upside down and attach to the mile long magnet, if u stopped it from doing that you would have to hold it down on the sides which is like a maglev train
timbong, Aug 18 2001

       Perhaps a series of troughs, like tracks, and an oval shaped magnetic vehicle to travel through those troughs.
talamunda, Aug 18 2001

       The flipping problem is solved by [lewisgirl] in her annotation to "flying cars yay" (see above for link).
-alx, Aug 19 2001

       I'm curious if we can arrange magnetic feilds over bent planes like the inside of a cylinder or even a winding tube. Either way, I think you can solve the propulsion problem with alternating horizontally (to the driver) striped + and - feilds, on the road, provided that the car be able to flip polarity on two (preferably 3) axis's... axi... axissus.. It would be a matter of making a nice even sine curve diving at each odd feild to gain energy, and being buffered upward as you pull away from the ground to the next dive... come to think, it might be nauseating. A nice benefit would be the (available) electricity created by movement of agents within the feild
james, Feb 18 2004

       I've had the idea for a floating magnetic toy train set for a long time, but I've recently been told it is [already done]. Magnets that were postioned at the right angles could actually propel a floating object around an assembled track. I think simple Newtonian physics could be utilized to keep things balanced. Weights at appropriate points below the gravity centers, etc..
snikrepkire, Apr 29 2004

       Don't they do this for the Japanese Bullet Trains. Either way, I like this idea. Maybe thats because I like magnets.... I don't really know. But magnets are very intersting and fun to play with. If you have two, you can make them dance of a tabel top. Unfortunaltly for me, that Idea has already been taken and marketed. (Sigh....)
Spider7, Apr 29 2004


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