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Foam Afros for toddlers

Protect your nippers fragile head with a layer of foam..
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Big stylish "leo Sayer" style barnets for kid's. Instead of cushioning all hazardous table corners, and barracading all angular furniture points - Give your bundle of trouble a foam barnett to protect his/her vunarable bonce from the on going issues 21st centry life without modifying your living space...
solomungus, Apr 22 2001

White guy with great afro. http://pcmedia.game...060403115238486.jpg
[phundug, Apr 12 2009]

(??) hehe, another halfbaked invention gone mainstream!! http://cgi.ebay.com...26713QQcmdZViewItem
[xandram, Apr 13 2009]


       Heck, just put them in a big foam hamster-ball and let 'em roll.
egnor, Apr 22 2001

       why not just a helmet? I still wear one.
benfrost, Apr 23 2001

       Croissant, for obvious reasons.
AfroAssault, Aug 19 2001

       The perfect portable device for venturing out of the NerfHome...
hEADcRASH, Nov 27 2001

       I am so disappointed I thought this was an AffroAssault Action Figure - the world has waited too long.
po, Nov 27 2001

       Cool idea, solo.
mrthingy, Nov 27 2001

       I cracked up when I read just the title. It's perfect. I was hoping for an AfroAssault tie-in, though. Baked item pour vous.
zaphod12, Nov 27 2001

       + wow, look at this oldie but goodie!!
xandram, Apr 09 2009

       This is a great idea but it would not go over well here in the states, this could very well refuse the racial tensions that Barak just defused.   

       Even if Barak endorsed Foam Afros for toddlers in the public forum there would still be trouble.
vfrackis, Apr 10 2009

       As a white guy in a small town that is equally black and white with a few Asians and Latinos, I can see how this would be a problem with the wrong kind of people.   

       Maybe it could be a Blagojevich helmet, or a Donald Trump helmet or Big Hair Secretary helmet.   

       This may encourage people to wear helmets in cars, which I personally believe would lessen the number of traumatic head injuries suffered every year by a significant amount.
nomocrow, Apr 10 2009

       White afros for white kids; dark afros for black kids; what's the problem?
phundug, Apr 10 2009

       As long as the foam breathes. You wouldn't want their hair to get.. spongy.
Suede, Apr 10 2009

       I would think everyone can get behind hilarity + child safety. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!
Eugene, Apr 12 2009

       Here's one white guy who never hurt his head (see link)
phundug, Apr 12 2009

       That's more of a happy accident than a fro.
nomocrow, Apr 13 2009

       [21] this is for children! doesn't matter if they are white or not, their little heads need protection. Anyway, I found a great link as it is now baked for adults!! [see link]
xandram, Apr 13 2009


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