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gas tags

indicates the building has gas service
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a sturdy, permanent, tag or decal to put on the front door and back alley access to a house that says whether a house has gas service, and where the meter/valve is. this would be valuable in case of emergencies, like fire, earthquake flood, etc. Right now, in portland at least, the fire dept has to go around looking for the gas meter when they respond to a call. We have a "neighborhood emergency team" [NET] system (just regular people who have taken this course to respond in emergencies by checking their neighborhood for people who need help). One of the main things is turning off the gas lines, but they have to search the properties to find the meters, Not every house has gas service. Wastes a lot of time, and the emergency responders cannot be certain that the property does not have gas service, or they just didn't find the meter. the tags would certainly help that. the gas companies should be happy to get on board with this-supply the tags, good public service, advertising.
mread, Oct 27 2005




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