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Foam Stop

Spray Sticky Foam in front of the car.
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There is an experimental crowd control substance that is basically a very strong sticky foam that immobilizes people.

Use something like this designed for cars. Spray it out of the front of the vehicle in an emergency (you decide the criteria for that) onto the ground and watch the fun!

voidref, Mar 31 2002

(?) Sticky Foam for Crowd Control http://www.nldt.org...am/sticky_foam.html
Yup, appears to exist. [bristolz, Mar 31 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sticky Foam II http://www.zarc.com...ns/sticky_foam.html
from Sandia Labs [csea, Dec 26 2006]


       Even if such a seemingly impossible adhesive were to be invented, I'm not sure it would be a good thing. In crowds, there would be far too great a chance of blindings/chokings/skin injuries. With cars, the physics behind such an immediate stop would not be too fiendly. Also, nowadays, civilians get possesion of road spikes and other stoppage parafanalia. What would happen if some nutcase got a handle of this?
NeverDie, Mar 31 2002

       hmmmm... BBL
OK, Back - I sprayed some of this foam at the bottom of a large hill - 164 car pileup!
thumbwax, Mar 31 2002

       I guess that's 164 people who should have shelled out the $19.95 for some Foam Stop though...
spartanica, Mar 31 2002

       ... Or the Foam-Be-Gone which is a 12.95 Value - Absolutely Free if you call within the next 5 minutes! Operators are standing by! In the Emergency Room!
thumbwax, Mar 31 2002

       I like it. Looking at some of those high speed police chases on TV, I'm thinking the same thing. The cops need some sort of super goo to shoot out of the front of their cars to stop the guy.
JackyD, Dec 25 2006

       Works for Spiderman.
Ronx, Dec 26 2006

       The author of this idea posted no annos and only this idea back in 2002. Sounds like magic to me. And the link appears to have succumbed to link rot.
normzone, Dec 26 2006

       Here's a fresh one [link].
csea, Dec 26 2006


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