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Glue Braking

Super Quick Braking without damaging the road
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This idea is going on the friction of the tyres. no matter how big your break disks are, the real stopping force comes from the grip on the tyres and the road. that's why i cave come up with an ingenious way of braking.

it involves a fine spray, that is sprayed onto the car when the braking force exerted reaches a "emergency" state. this spray would consist a super glue mixture. one that acts instantly, so by the time that it has reached the wheel, and the wheel has reached the ground, it sticks quickly, thus increacing the friction. once the car has been brought to an abrupt stop, a second liquid is poured onto the wheel, which reacts to the glue on it already, and this makes the glue in effect useless, and allows the stunned driver with whiplash to drive on once again

OnTheLimit, Nov 14 2002


       And stopping the car is just one part of the equation. Stopping the people inside the vehicle instantly is not likely to be pretty.
PeterSilly, Nov 14 2002

       // Stopping the people inside the vehicle instantly is not likely to be pretty. //   

       Inject the same glue into the seats ?
8th of 7, Nov 14 2002

       Just use my sisters' hair clamps imbedded in head rests to grab medium and long hair lengths. I guess then spray glue atomizers could work for others with shorter hair.
_Mowgli_, Nov 14 2002

       And how the heck are you going to stop your car detaching itself from the wheels that are now stuck rigidly to the road?   

       And how do you detect an "emergency" state of braking?   

       Too many questions, not enough answers.
PeterSilly, Nov 14 2002

       Glue braking works in the cartoons.
half, Nov 14 2002

       [blissmiss] That's a woman's issue.
_Mowgli_, Nov 14 2002

       Only when I shave my crown for swimming events. So, sometimes then, yes.
_Mowgli_, Nov 14 2002

       //break disks// - you break your discs?
NickTheGreat, Nov 14 2002

       w00t, i finally remembered my password!   

       ok, time to answer some of these questions.   

       UnaBubba, i have been thinking about the faults of the spray, so you could use a viscus glue, that is extreamly sticky in wet and dry conditions. ofc this wont work in mud/sand conditions ;)   

       PeterSilly, i was just emphasing the point that they would decelerate at a fast rate, rather than come to an instantinous stop. you seem to overestimate the breaking force ;P a state of emergency breaking can be found when either the wheels lock. or when the g-force reaches a certain limit, this could be found out by testing.
OnTheLimit, Nov 26 2002


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