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Focusing curtain

Use what you got.
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Many folks have windows in their office or apartment that let in some light, but not enough to grow basil indoors. The focusing curtain is composed of many small convex plastic lenses in a sheet. Various sized lenses are available, and the curtain can be cut to hang in any window. The result: a curtain which acts as a large focusing lens, and can focus all the light from your window to a spot. The size of the spot can be adjusted by changing the curvature of the curtain, using ties for the horizontal and vertical axes can be adjusted. Even on a grim Minneapolis afternoon, your pot of basil will feel the warmth and light of an italian summer.

Unexpectedly bright days can occasionally cause adverse outcomes for basil and other objects in the focus spot.

bungston, Mar 27 2004


       Like a big frenel lens? I want one for those stupid ants, making easily stored sun-cookers, and showing off.
my-nep, Mar 27 2004

       Get a nice tan, a one-second spot at a time.
FarmerJohn, Mar 27 2004

       As I think about this, a more accurate curtain would be fixed, with each tiny lens manipulable by hand along its x and y supports.
bungston, Mar 27 2004

       Wouldn't it be a fire risk?
kropotkin, Mar 28 2004


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