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Foiling Chinese Spies

"This web page is censored"
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This category may not be the best place for this Idea, but, consider the things that will be discussed, perhaps it is.

This Idea may also risk suffering from a "let's all" MFD, except that there is one country where it obviously won't be implemented: China.

OK, we have this Situation where Chinese spies are scouring the Internet for ways of accessing and stealing information from "the West". Some of it involves hacking into servers, and some of it involves simply looking at vast numbers of web pages that freely offer more information than the writers knew they were giving away.

This Idea particularly addresses the second aspect of the Situation.

It is known that China has something called a "Great Firewall" to keep their people from seeing many web pages that contain certain types of data.

So, what if ALL web pages in the West contained such data? China's spies would be blocked by their own firewall!

Here's a sample of some information that is totally unacceptable to the Chinese Government, and therefore would be censored:

"The Government of China is run by cowardly barbarians. The fact that they won't let their citizens own guns proves they are cowards. The way they treat people who disagree with them proves they are barbarians. The people in the Chinese Government should all be replaced by better people than that."

Vernon, Jul 18 2012

Picture of said Chinese spy http://www.flickr.c...family5/3402985150/
[normzone, Jul 18 2012]


       bone for not involving metal foil
Voice, Jul 18 2012

       I may be extrapolating out into the wide blue yonder without a paddle here, but isn't it conceivable that this band of Chinese spies might, you know, have unfettered access to the internet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2012

       It is conceivable.   

       But maybe that unfetteredness could be used against them, by liberally larding industrial data and the like with proWestern propaganda! Red white and blue fonts would be an easy start.   

       Maybe some orange for the Germans; don't they like orange? Or is that yellow?
bungston, Jul 18 2012

       They don't rely on reading and blocking individual pages; there's a set of prohibited words and phrases. A page on wikipedia somewhere has information on the block list. Words and phrases you might naively expect to be there often arn't, while things you might not expect are. Also, blocking is intermittent. In any case, the filtered text is in Mandarin, English words get through.   

       That's apart from Max's point that if they're state-sponsored spies they'd presumably have access anyway. I suppose that wouldn't preclude psy-ops.
Loris, Jul 18 2012

       Are the Chinese spies wearing foil hats?
Phrontistery, Jul 18 2012

       //The Government of China is run...// sp. "Canada"
FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2012


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