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hyperproductive conference protocol

Have confrence presenters pick optional papers to present to get a stipend, the requirement of teaching causes stronger learning of material
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Wikimania is having a wiki conference I'd be thrilled if attendees got to hear my wikipedia generates quizzes at the article thing

I would much rather have another person present my material at the conference than get a travel stipend to appear. It occurs to me that each travel stipend could hire numerous locally sourced talented presenters who would practice the presentation then put up a version at youtube to receive guidance. Then they proceed to communicate at the conference

basically I got the idea from Guns n Roses, rather than go to a music award they hired adult entertainers to appear

Another benefit here is higher communications productivity: If there is a person who has done wikiwork willing to present another persons work as well they could receive some of the stipend funds. There is also a productivity benefit as prepping to teach often causes higher quality learning. Thus the sponsored presentations would actually be depth learned from some of the most motivated wikians on the planet

Its like having Linus Pauling give your presentation to an audience rather than speaking to an audience that also contains Linus Pauling The audience hears the message plus Dr. Pauling truly learns about your ideas as well

also, potential presentations could be listed prior to the conference then actual attendees could view Youtube versions to see which of the optional presentations they'd like to learn then speak to

beanangel, Mar 24 2009


       I did not know for sure that Linus Pauling was in the adult entertainment industry, but I admit to wondering.   

       the problem is that the locals would be expert on your presentation, but may be less able to field tangential questions / criticisms of previous work / overt challenges to leg wrestling.
bungston, Mar 24 2009

       Bun for being your most lucid and punctuated idea yet. Still having a problem with the lack of full stops but the trend is in the right direction! keep up the good work!
WcW, Mar 24 2009

       [+] all my HB posts will now be ghost-written by adult film star Jenna Jameson... please bun accordingly.   

       [WcW] you jinxed it >_<
FlyingToaster, Mar 24 2009


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