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Fold-out Tubs

Indulge yourself. You know you want to.
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Everyone's had that urge - you've finished the last of the ice-cream, eaten straight out of the plastic tub, and you're still hungry for more. So go for it. Stick that mouth in, get that tongue out and lick away to your heart's content.

The problem: Dessert pots (ice-cream, yoghurt etc.) are not designed for this purpose. You run the risk of getting sugary-residue all over your face, not to mention your clothes. Should someone discover you in mid-lick, neck-muscles straining to reach the bottom of that tub, your guilty pleasure will become a laughing stock.

The solution: Fold-Out Tubs are indistinguishable from your average container, except for the perforated lines running down the vertical face(s). When the dessert has been eaten, and you've got that licking-urge, simply rip down the sides of the pot. Once it's been turned inside out, flattened like a stamped-on cardboard box, you can lick it without fear of smearing your face with its delicious contents.

Mr Phase, Mar 31 2006

Two Faced Nut Job Two_20Faced_20Nut_20Job
[theircompetitor, Mar 31 2006]


       Not just useful, but necessary.
Germanicus, Apr 01 2006

       And once again I am forced to admit that the inspiration for this is not mine but my sister's, who can now lay claim to at least two of my ideas.
Mr Phase, Apr 04 2006

       Don't be a wuss and blame it on your sister! :) Be a man and take your punishment! Anyhow I have often reduced myself to breaking out a pair of scissors and cutting the carton in order to get my tongue into the bottom of the container. I will still bun this one on general principle. This could be useful if you needed to remove the whole block of ice cream in one big hunk for things like an icecream cake or exotic mixed drinks.
Jscotty, Apr 04 2006

       Indeed, and they could also be used as impromtu frizbees after the last of the ice-cream is licked from the plastic.
Mr Phase, Apr 11 2006


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