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Folding clip-art and shapes

Shape has various "lead lines". bending them causes the shape to bend
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A simple example will explain (I hope), what I intend. You have a rectangle. Add a point on one of it's lines, and it adds a point on the parallel line (and for a box, on all four parallel lines). Move the point, and all lines bend together. Change to rounded line section, and all parallel sections change too.

Another option is to have a few "lead line". Bending them or changing their shape, orientation or size, will cause the whole shape to change in proportion.

Some shapes could be posted with bending defaults, so you could have pipes and other kind of clip art.

Then in the future (once 8th baked), have animation and automation, so all kinds of interesting animation will be enabled inside powerpoint or other easy to use programs.

pashute, Jul 08 2009




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