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Never Not Interactive Principle

computers that never dont work
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This is a design principle that combines gaming and productivity, so that the user is never not engaged. Where there is a webpage to wait for to download, the gaming piece kicks in and makes you believe you are solving a little puzzle or interacting with another series of buttong/dialog boxes that are fun to do and that take up the time before the page downloads or whatever.
JesusHChrist, Nov 20 2016

Google Chrome's dinosaur game http://mentalfloss....ts-you-play-offline
[notexactly, Dec 17 2016]


       There are things like SETI@Home, that use your computers (otherwise) downtime, but this seems to be more "use the operators downtime" instead. Although the protein-folding thing might do this...
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 20 2016

       [+] and, if the user stops playing, files get corrupted, viruses start to dowloaded; sorta like "Speed". hmm... I think I figured out Windows 10.
FlyingToaster, Nov 20 2016

       [-] Work tools to live not live to work tools.
wjt, Dec 17 2016


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