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Fondue: The Ride

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This rollercoaster goes up and down through a series of huge simulated fondue pots covering the occupants in thick wads of melted cheese, chocolate and guacamole. Patrons are very frightened and even more so as the entire experience is narrated by a bad Barry White impersonator.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

For elfling http://www.delafont...cts/Barry-White.htm
Who's Barry White? Are you serious? [Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005]

For elfling - a sample of Barry White's typical manner and content of speech http://www.vicandbob.net/sounds/bw3.mp3
[calum, Feb 10 2005]


       and then the crows are released.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       i was hoping for an actual barry white narration, until i realised he was no longer
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       who's Barry White?
elfling, Feb 10 2005

       At the end of the ride, the passengers should be ejected onto a giant chessboard, and be forced to break through a line of inflatable rugby players.
Detly, Feb 10 2005

       Guacamole fondue? Madness.
Worldgineer, Feb 10 2005

       Umm..3rd degree burns anyone?   

       Wait, I missed the "simulated" part.
Noexit, Feb 10 2005

       Oh delight. Especially [Detly's] addition. <snorts quietly to self in work chair.>
k_sra, Feb 10 2005


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