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"Haunted" rollercoaster

"This space for rent"
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A particular old looking roller coaster, that sways at sharp turns. It uses only one car ride vehicles that hold six people. The ride shakes and swerves until you get to two strange tunnels. It looks as if you’re supposed to go through one, out through open air, then come out then through the other. As you go through the first tunnel the track shakes more violently, then suddenly falls taking you with it. Your still moving along the track as it falls, suddenly you reach the end of the section of track, as it suddenly drops you on to a previously hidden section of underground track. you seem to narrowly escape certain doom. You're hurtling through twilight zone-like surroundings, filled with holographic ghosts. Suddenly you go up a hill dropping you off in the second tunnel. You finish the ride as normal. The falling track is done using carefully timed hydraulics, that are tested twice daily. Also the track linking the two tunnels is fake, giving the feel that the ride teleports it's passengers from one tunnel to the next. I wouldn't ride it myself, but I know people who would.
Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005




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