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Font Screensaver

Screensaver to display users font collection.
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I have just under 3k fonts on my computer as of this moment. It's cost me several hundred dollars to get these (font packages and the like). That being said, I use perhaps 20 of them with any regularity in my graphic design work. I would like to become more familar with the fonts availible on my computer without actualy devoting any real time to it.

-- The Point --

I would like a screensaver similar to the "marquee" that is standard everywhere except instead of displaying a short message or the time, it displays a font, runs through it's alphabet and a sample sentence all while having the font's name somewhere on screen. This way, when I'm returning from grabbing a cup of java I might see a really nifty font that I didn't even remember I had.

photojunkie, Jan 11 2005


       I don't think that would be too hard to make.... maybe I will have a go.
pooduck, Jan 12 2005

       A 'hello world' program is usually the first thing that a programmer will do in a new language. Most people learned this in basic back in the early 80's.   

       10 print "hello world"   

       Since what you want to do is only one step beyond this bsaically, it would be a good opportunity to get your feet wet in some simple programming.   

       It's like working on your own vehicle for the first time. By the time you have changed that part you feel really good and have learned a lot.
Giblet, Jan 12 2005

       Well it has to check for the fonts available and show a different one each time preferably... that's gonna be a bit awkward.
pooduck, Jan 12 2005

       [pooduck] If you wind up with anything functional, let me know.
photojunkie, Jan 12 2005

       Hmm. Could one build such a thing in Flash or Director (or Drektor, as I call it).
bristolz, Jan 12 2005


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