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Fonts for dyslexics II

modify fonts and inform dyslexics with them
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I propose a new reading mode for dyslexics. From left to right (or right to left in such languages) the font would become slightly more bold through each word. Furthermore the font size would go up for each word through each sentence. This would allow intuitive placement for easier reading.
Voice, Jun 06 2011


       wood it?
po, Jun 06 2011

       I don't see whay this would help dyslexics at all
hippo, Jun 07 2011

       Presumably clues like this would help orient the reader as to the flow of the words. But my buzz is a little more numb after what looks to me like heavy sarcasm up there. I like this idea and would like to see a page done in this style. Probably one could write a macro to convert pages.
bungston, Jun 08 2011

       //wood it//Po   

       it may, anthing that helps with the secquencing of letters may help.
j paul, Jun 08 2011


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