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Food Chords

The Three Cords of Cooking
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Now I don't play guitar but I do know that most songs only contain three or four chords. This is very relevant to food. Its like the way you mix your music is the way you mix your food. And the different chords could represent different species of food, depending on the scale its played on. Say A was seafood, then those low notes/chords could represent your big crustaceans or big fish, and the high notes could be your shrimp, etc. But it doesn't matter cause sometimes the simplest things like a basic ham, cheese tomato sandwich has just three basic chords but it tastes pretty good...

Just an idea, add your tempo, add a bridge, add a chorus.

Let it play!

Supercruiser, Sep 19 2003

Lunchlady Land http://www.lyricsdomain.com/lyrics/3616/
[Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Waiter, this cheddar's a bit sharp. And the champagne in this flute...nice notes, but a little flat -- just get me a fifth of vodka instead, please. Also, could you ask the chef about the scales on this bass?
n-pearson, Sep 19 2003

       So are you playing your dinner or using music as a recipe book? Which way round does it work? Either way round it sounds like fun and you might get some suprising results from playing Gumbo or cooking Purcell.   

       Switches on HiFi......Right , lets get cooking...listens..   

       Yep cabbagejamnoodlesoystersorangessprouts and craaaaayfish. Or was that shrimp?
squeak, Sep 19 2003

       Synaesthesia shrimp. That was something Bubba missed. (Thats Bubba Blue, not our Bubba.)
pluterday, Sep 19 2003

       Would there be a MIDI adapter for the menu/food-species interpreter? You could have doubly creative fun playing in the kitchen. <G>
MikeHolio, Sep 19 2003

       o_0 - no mute button, unfortunately ... win a lot of bets that way!
Letsbuildafort, Sep 19 2003

       [Supercruiser], are you on acid this very minute or is this an idea you had yesterday, when you were on acid? Either way, +.
bungston, Sep 20 2003

       “Hoagies & grinders, hoagies & grinders Navy beans, navy beans Meatloaf sandwich” --- Adam Sandler <link>
Shz, Sep 20 2003

       Bugston - I think I was pretty stoned and playing the guitar (badly), and I thought these things go together just like tunes.. I was having cheese, pickled onions and salami at the time.. Maybe you could do the Chords of Bad Breath, or have I just mentioned them....
Supercruiser, Sep 21 2003

       Yeah! I'll have a D#, Umm, do you get chips with that?
Micky Dread, Sep 22 2003

       Only with the major 7th [Micky].
PeterSilly, Sep 22 2003

       To make your food musical, simply eat it with a tuning fork.
phundug, Sep 22 2003

       Or only eat drumsticks with chopsticks (that two-fingered piano thing). This way, it won't ever matter again if you forget your Chopin Liszt when you go to the supermarket.
squeak, Sep 23 2003

       Oh, the humanity (squeak)!
RoboBust, Sep 23 2003

squeak, Sep 23 2003

       <Slightly off subject> I saw a kids programme not long ago where all the little nippers had made various instruments (and I use the word loosely) by hollowing out carrots and parsnips and cucumbers. They had been inspired by a group of "performance" artists (adults) who did the same but more elaborately. They showed footage of both groups playing. They were both cack.   

       incedentally . The word "adult". The word "adultery". what's that all about? <sos>
squeak, Sep 23 2003

       I'm not getting this even slightly.
waugsqueke, Sep 23 2003

       [squeak], I'll save you! If an Italian and an Armenian got married, what would they serve at their wedding?   

       Chicken Khachaturian.
phundug, Sep 23 2003

       [phundug] Thanks for the gesture but I don't understand your joke. Is it a surrealist one?
squeak, Sep 23 2003


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