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Food O Static

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Depending on your eating habits, stray hairs in your meal are unsightly and often an expensive reccuring problem in restaurants.

Attached in a convenient location where food is placed ready to be served is an overhanging static electricity device. Waiter or waitress waves the plate underneath the Food O Static and hopefully the stray hairs will get sucked up into it.

Even if it doesn't work, the customer will at least feel some sort of satisfaction that the staff have tried to remove the hairs.

benfrost, Jan 20 2005


       Maybe the wait staff and cooks should go through a Food o Static before starting work.
FarmerJohn, Jan 20 2005

       Like a screening process where your hair is ritualisticaly sucked into a metal grid. Spiffing.
sab8823, Jan 24 2006


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