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Food for Electricity

A Refuge for the Homeless
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(I'm going for this category's first croissant)
Imagine a shelter for homeless people, where they can go and get free food, but they just have to generate "X" amount of electricity first!

Just think of it! Hobo's all around the country generating electricity and getting fed for it!
The homeless who are too proud to accept "hand-outs" would even come out, as they can work for their food here! You could also have "rooms" available!

Okay, okay.... disclaimer.

I know that a person can only generate 60W (or therabouts) of electricity. Now. Assuming that they can maintain 50W for one hour, that 1/20 of a KiloWatt hour.

Current rates for a kilowatt hour range from ~0.05 - ~0.015 cents.

So this is not exactly a money-making venture, *but* it has certain social-economic advantages.

(1) It keeps the homeless fit, and properly nourished.
(2) It starts them on the path to getting other jobs, as they would have a place of residence, food, etc.
(3) It could show on a resume that this particular person is dedicated enough to actually spend time working - making them a more attractive hire.
(4) As they are "working" it would reduce the country's unemployment.
(5) People donating clothes, blankets, etc, would know that they would go to a good cause.
(6) It would give the homless themselves a feeling of power (pun intended) over their own lives, improving their self esteem.

:-), Apr 09 2003

Sort of similar. http://www.clubsbon...lfbakery/pigeon.htm
from the hidden files of [calum]. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       Workhouses are a long-established concept. Given that the US is trying to replace welfare with workfare, perhaps their time has come again.   

       Certainly, a program that provides meaningful work for the homeless would be applauded, but there be a financial element. If the homeless do not find a way to earn and save money, how will they ever improve their situation?
DrCurry, Apr 09 2003

       Why not jest put'em to work in the coal mine? They'd dig up a lot more 'energy' that way... (-)
Cedar Park, Apr 10 2003

       They burn salt for energy?
Cedar Park, Apr 10 2003

       That's a good point. Send 'em to the coal mines!
Madcat, Apr 10 2003

       Since it's soon barbecue season, send them to the charcoal mines. The charcoal could then be shipped with balloons filled with lighter fluid.   

       Or should we donate clothes such as gym shoes and bicycle shorts to power-producing hobos?
FarmerJohn, Apr 10 2003

       By any chance, did you ever see my homeless + socks anecdote? *Erk* I think it was on Socks For The Homeless or sumpin' that appears to be deleted.
thumbwax, Apr 10 2003

       you know... I had a feeling you guys wouldn't like this idea... :-)   

       ahh, well... another fishbone for bioenergy....   

       "Who would want a job where you aren’t required to use your skills, won’t learn any new skills, and produce less than 1 cent per hour?"
--- AO, Apr 09 2003

       The beauty is that it does require essentially *no* skill to do. Therefore anyone can litereally come in off the street, and get a meal, etc.   

       A quick modification would be necessary:
Free (manditory) showers on the way in..... )shudder(
:-), Apr 10 2003

       aren't the homeless malnurished...where are you going to get all the food.
triplenine, Jan 10 2005

       Have all the energy go just to light up a sign in front of them that says "get a job".
Mustardface, Jan 10 2005

       Mustardface, be a little more tactful. You tried getting a job when you have no fixed address, no clean clothes, and any prospective employer assumes you're an addict?
david_scothern, Jan 10 2005

       [david_scothern], you are correct. Mine comment was just an untactful joke. I could tweek it to "You can do it," or other positive thoughts that may help.
Mustardface, Jan 16 2005

       we need a new section - Homeless: Take Advantage Of.
benfrost, Jan 17 2005

       So what exactly are they doing to generate this power? Treadmill, sci-fi tesla coils attached to their bodies, putting light bulbs in their mouths and telling them to jog in place?
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005


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