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Foot Mouse

Foot Mouse
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You know, as a programmer, i use the keybaord alot more than i use the mouse. However every once and a while, i have to use the mouse to cut or paste or select something. This required me to take my hands off the keyboard thus breaking my concentration. I propose a new input device, the foot mouse. A mouse taiolred to be used by the foot. It would come with a big plastic mat as well for added control.


ddn, Dec 31 2000

FootMouse.com http://www.footmouse.com/
[egnor, Dec 31 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

tarsal tunnel syndrome http://my.webmd.com.../miller_keane_32484
but i'm not sure if using a foot mouse would cause it. [mihali, Dec 31 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I made one of these once using a trackball and a rubber pedal. I think it's a good plan. I wonder if the lower leg is prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.
mutilato, Apr 24 2001

       Stages of baked-ness:   

       1. If you look really hard, you'll find someone obscure doing something with a similar intent.   

       2. If you look really hard, you'll find someone obscure doing exactly what you describe.   

       3. If you use a search engine and sift through the results a little, you'll find someone doing what you describe.   

       4. If you enter the name of the idea into a search engine, the #1 hit will be someone doing what you describe.   

       5. If you append ".com" to the name of the idea, you will find someone doing what you describe.
egnor, Apr 24 2001

       How about an all-terrain mouse that you can use right on top of the key board.
Op, Apr 24 2001

       unabubba: you can, however, get tarsal tunnel syndrome in your legs. i'm not kidding. see the link.
mihali, Apr 24 2001

       Electric sewing machines use a foot control so that the seamster's hands are free to fret with the fabric. It's pretty crude, but I can imagine it being modified so as to function tolerably well as a mouse.
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001

       Bakedness Stage 7: You're soaking in it.   

       Egnor, want write up these stages (or just your 5) as a separate idea? Jutta could put it in the "about" section.
centauri, Apr 24 2001

       No; it's not an idea, nor is it worth putting in the "about" (or, less implausibly, "help") section. Baked-ness is by far not the worst problem the ideas here face.
egnor, Apr 25 2001

       So Foot and Mouse disease has been cured?
thumbwax, Apr 25 2001

       ddn, ever thought of using the keyboard shortcuts for select, cut, copy and paste? Just a thought.....sorry to blow out your candles, 'n' all.
slytleemad, Apr 25 2001

       I messaged in a similar note "foot mouse". There is also a "tongue mouse": http://uwctds.washington.edu/si2000/sharmonoutline.htm Toungue Touch Keypad A. Requires individual to wear a retainer. B. Requires very fine tongue control C. Complicated interface system which necessitates support D. Expensive   

       The above reference also briefly discusses mouse & keyboard replacements.   

       Also see: http://slashdot.org/askslashdot/00/08/22/0315257.shtml
gz, Apr 27 2001

       it's being worked on by isralies i belive the are also making a virtual keyboard of light www.vkb.co.il
starman, Nov 18 2002

       The foot mouse could be modified in a way that favours the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis...check out article on e-Thrombosis http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99993323
quikboy, Feb 07 2003

       Most people are not very coordinated with their feet. Try taking off your shoes, put a Marker in between the big toe and its neighbor toe, and try drawing a self-portrait. It will look like it was drawn by a 2 year old. Its a very humbling experience, and causes me to be more patient with little ones.   

       So how accurate do you think you will be able to point?
InsanityKlaus, Nov 20 2003


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