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foot "mouse"

for those who want to compute without taking their hands off the keyboard
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A pad at your feet, which is wired into usb. You sit at the computer, placing each foot on a small pedal, one for left and one for right.

Dimensions (approx): 2' x 2' mouse pad, 5" x 2" pedals

Operation: Very light pedals, and only readable by the pad. Moving either foot moves the cursor. In case of moving both feet, the first one to move is the one that registers. Tap foot on either right or left pedal for right- or left-clicking.

Applications: Not ideal for gamers or other such power users, but a perfect complement to data entry and tedious jobs in which it is yet another hassle to keep on switching from typing to mouse-movement. Think of Excel or Access.

Visualisation: See attached jpeg.

samosa_pirate, Aug 09 2007

foot_mouse http://www.flickr.c...817@N05/1056713157/
something I conjured up in solidworks [samosa_pirate, Aug 09 2007]

Hunter Digital foot mouse http://www.abilityhub.com/mouse/foot.htm
[baked], so far as I can see [vincevincevince, Aug 09 2007]


       Seems already baked, or at least very close - refer to [link]
vincevincevince, Aug 09 2007

       if i am understanding the Hunter mouse operation correctly, you twist one of your feet in a spherical volume to achieve cursor movement....wouldn't that simply start stressing your feet instead of your wrists? my idea is more "flat", so to speak..
samosa_pirate, Aug 09 2007


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