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Foot Sandblaster

for really tough skin
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After a recent trip to the beach I noticed how silky smooth the underside of my feet had become. It strikes me that sand is a wonder-substance for the removal of hard skin and hence my suggestion for a Foot Sandblaster, basically a high-ish powered water/sand jet. If they had them at the beach then people could use 'em without fear of blocking up their plugholes.
neilp, May 12 2004


       "Get silica-smooth foot with the new Exfoliation Monsoon, from House of [neilp] Beautetics"
jonthegeologist, May 13 2004

       Definitely a good idea. +
hazel, May 14 2004

       with added crabs for that 'summer beach feel.'
etherman, May 14 2004

       The range of product can be expanded by having different textures of 'sand'. Sharp sand would probably be best for feet, builders sand for legs and hands, and cornflour for face.   

       'Forget Chemical Peels, get SANDBLASTED!'
WYBloke, May 14 2004

       I'd like to see some sort of containment system, or at the very least eye goggles and face mask for the sand that gets blasted. otherwise, good idea. I often picture a little portable sandbox for feet, stick them in and wiggle.
dentworth, May 14 2004

       I have used similar systems to remove rust from cars or paint from various fixtures... I assume it wouldn't be THAT powerful? lestwise you'd strip flesh to the bone in about 30 seconds.
photojunkie, May 14 2004

       A friend of mine told me he had taken off a callus with a belt sander.   

       So was going to post a manicure / pedicure shop that advertises its' use of power tools. But sandblast it you beat me too it.
popbottle, Jan 22 2017


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