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Foot Volume

A 4th pedal for volume
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Driving in the city with loud subwoofers is frowned upon by HB-ers and the general public. My solution is to mount a 4th pedal to the left of my clutch that controls the volume and amount of bass the subs put out. This way one can shift, steer, clutch out and turn down the volume down instantly. Push the pedal in, and the volume decreases. Push it in all the way and it returns to full volume with a spring loaded cam assembly.
evilpenguin, Jun 29 2007


       Is that pedal or pedel for pedants?
normzone, Jun 29 2007

       <shuffles feet> gawd I have only 2. 3 pedals are complicated enough...   

       see, I stuck my foot on the +1 pedal.   

       I love the idea of an evil penguin! especially when there are hundreds of the buggars
po, Jun 29 2007

       What do you need extra pedals for? Use the accelerator to up the volume (rock and roll, baby!) and the brake to turn it down.
ldischler, Jun 29 2007

       I just built it. How do I post a picture?
evilpenguin, Jun 30 2007

       [sp: pedal.]
Post it somewhere that hosts pictures (e.g., flickr) and add a link to this idea.
jutta, Jun 30 2007

       that was fast
evilpenguin, Jun 30 2007

       "Woah, why is your car being towed?"   

       "Well I went to clutch to shift into 2nd gear while accelerating quickly and accidentally hit the bass pedal. Not only did I destroy my transmission, but I also turned the bass on full volume."
acurafan07, Jun 30 2007

evilpenguin, Jun 30 2007

       Or the pedal could get louder when you push it with the toe end of your foot and quieter with the heel. Alot simpler than the whole spring loaded contraption.
desolationrow, Aug 18 2009

       My uncle had a 196x Buick station wagon that had a foot-operated switch to advance the radio station presets (mechanical.) It seemed very sensible then; wonder why it isn't a standard feature for modern cars?
csea, Aug 18 2009


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