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generative car music

generative music that adapts to you car's speed and other factors
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Imagine driving a car on the highway and have music that is "generative" meaning an onboard computer is composing and creating the music on the fly. For instance as you speed up or slow down on the highway,the music raises and lowers in beatrate, or as you change lanes, the violins play some sub-melody.

Every time you drive your car, it'd be a different experience. Many things would influence the music.. you choose a genre, like techno or classical. and the onboard computer takes into account your car's speed, the outside temperature, the direction you are going, even things like the amount of gas you have or how well your brakes are doing..

After a while you would develop an intuitive "feel" for your car so that while you are listening to the music, you would "know" that you were running low on gas, or that your transmission was off somehow... the harmonics would feel "wrong" to you... This would almost be like another "gauge" - only it uses your asthetic sense of music, tone, rhythm, etc. to help you know what's going on around you.

Other things might be the music adapts to the presence of other cars around you, so you might begin to learn how to "sense" the cars around you through the music..

This is all assuming that the music responds to the same stimulus in the same consistent way...

triptych, Feb 02 2002

(?) Use circuitry from this thing: http://www.madwaves...ologyGenerative.asp
"MadPlayer". Expensive, and not as much musical variety as you may hope. But it's a start. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Someone's been watching too many Volkswagen commericals...
phoenix, Feb 02 2002

       I like "talk" radio, how would that work?
po, Feb 02 2002

       Reactive music's found in a lot of video games, from Soul Reaver to Nights: Into Dream. It gets louder or scarier or more peaceful depending on what's happening in a game (if demons are attacking, it gets loud and urgent, if you're just wandering around a meadow, it's all tweety-tweety-niceness).
pottedstu, Feb 03 2002

       So it would go all Philip Glass when you were stuck in a traffic jam, yes?
Guy Fox, Feb 03 2002

       I've always thout it would be great if you could "Feel" your speed based on music tempo, so you wouldn't have to look at your speedometer as much.
MORGWOOD, Feb 13 2002

       With optional 802.11 networking to jam with other other cars on the road.
taterbaker, May 30 2003

       yeah then you get all these whacked out drivers with road rage blairing Tupac, egging them on...
kissing bandit, Sep 18 2003

       Thanks, now I don't have to invent the automatic-uncopyrighted-music-generator! : )
mr2560, Sep 19 2003

       Excellent. I was going to post this myself, but I'm glad to see someone else had a similar idea.   

       I thought it would be kind of like starring in your own action movie. If you slam your breaks suddenly, it would start playing loud and fast music. When you pass another car, an instrument would start up then fade away.   

       The music could also alert you of nearby emergency vehicles, and so forth. If it was connected to some sort of satellite system, it could play to you when you had an appointment, or if your pizza is ready to be picked up.
rgovostes, Oct 11 2003


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