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Foot sensors for calling an elevator

Use touch sensors in the floor nearby elevator instead of usual buttons for calling an elevator
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It happens there are times you carry something heavy and can't use your hands to call an elevator, and it's also not very hygienic to touch elevator button that's touched by many people.

So, the idea is to use touch sensors mounted permanently into the floor nearby elevator, making a shape of large triangles meaning "up" and "down". By simply standing on one of those triangles you could call an elevator. The buttons would turn inactive when the elevator door is open.

Inyuki, Jan 09 2010

Foot controlled Elevator buttons http://i.imgur.com/leteYJM.jpg
[AusCan531, Oct 07 2016]

Happy Vertical People Transporter http://hitchhikersg...rnetics_Corporation
Share and Enjoy ... [8th of 7, Oct 09 2016]


       Can you play dance dance revolution while you wait?
jutta, Jan 09 2010

       Ok, to enable dancing, there should be a logical element to disable one of the sensors after touching a sensor. If you want to change your mind, there should also be a tiny "cancel" somewhere away from dancing area :-)
Inyuki, Jan 09 2010

       //by simply standing on// sp. "kicking" [+]
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2010

       Something's missing with this idea....
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2010

       Oddly I didn't see this one until after I posted my dance caller.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

       Basic concept is now baked [link]
AusCan531, Oct 07 2016

       "Perform 'Thriller' to go up or the 'jitterbug' to go down"
Voice, Oct 07 2016

       These should not be the only means of calling an elevator, because people in wheelchairs (who need elevators more than others) wouldn't likely be able to use them.
notexactly, Oct 08 2016

       ^except their packages are on the chair and their hands are free.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2016

       Soon enough AI agents will look through a camera and open the doors as a person approaches. They'll spend the rest of their time bemoaning how stupid humans are.
Voice, Oct 09 2016

       Sounds very like the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation's innovative Happy Vertical People Transporter ...   

8th of 7, Oct 09 2016


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