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Go Button

For elevators that only go to 2 floors
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Honestly. You have the floor you are on and the other floor but there are two buttons with numbers corresponding to the floors. Think of all of those wasted seconds when people are thinking which floor they want to be on and which floor they are on.
sartep, Aug 05 2003


       I don't think I've ever seen an elevator that only goes two floors-- I mean, even the ones in the bi-leveled strip malls can access the basement, I believe. Otherwise, in the (seemingly rare) occassion when your choice is made up, sure, (+).
motive power, Aug 05 2003

       Best so far, just have a trampoline under a strategically-placed hole in the ceiling and a firehouse-esque pole nearby.
motive power, Aug 06 2003

       Sealorator, you need a way to have it pause for people with disabilities. For that I would have a pause button. Hmm, perhaps some elevators could have a rewind button for when you realized that the floor you wanted was the previous stop.
sartep, Aug 06 2003

       That is different enough, you should propose this idea. However, it will cause minor injuries or death.
sartep, Aug 06 2003

       Sure, or just a big smiley button that lights up, but actually doesn't affect the elevator. *bing* I would love to see the confused looks on peoples' faces as they got on and spent moments of wasted time staring at the "go" button wondering where the real buttons were.
k_sra, Aug 07 2003

       (label on button) Other Floor
Worldgineer, Aug 07 2003

       There are a couple of buildings I frequent that would benefit from this. One in particular is built into a hillside, such that both levels are the "ground floor". Unnecessarily confusing, that. [Worldgineer]'s label is perfect.
lurch, Aug 09 2003

       This would be an excellent improvement in Metro (the Washington dc subway system). Every aspect of the system is an exercise in inefficiency.
davidcreede, Aug 09 2003


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