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Football OS

American Football-like Error Messages
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Everyone does something stupid on their computer now and then. Like trying to open a file when it's already open. Or closing a document, and then choosing "Cancel" when Windows asks whether you want to save or not.

When you do, a yellow flag should shoot out onto the screen from one side, and then a football referee should come on, and in an official sounding voice (together with arm gestures), announce the situation in football-like terminology.

For example:

"Illegal operation by the user..." [hands on hips]
"File is already in use..." [one finger pointing to open palm]
"Access denied." [arms crossed on chest]

phundug, Feb 01 2004


       Good... [hands on face] +
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004

       <sinews in neck standing out>"Referreeeeee....are you bleedin' blind or samink?" <sinso>   

       How do you enter a "who...me?" innocent shrug?
squeak, Feb 02 2004

       Then when Ctrl+Alt+Delete is pressed, the ref would look like he is being held at gun point ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       If this idea includes penalties in system resources when accessing shared systems, I'm for it.   

       Fweet! You attempted to install AOL IM client on a corporate laptop. You may not access webpages for 10 minutes. You maintain possession of your computer. Still first down.
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004

       A bun for you if I can get this in a hockey version.
GenYus, Feb 02 2004

       I love that little paperclip.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 02 2004

       Would this concept extend to the referee occasionally missing a critical moment, and allowing you to delete your work or reformat your hard drive at a critical moment ?
normzone, Feb 02 2004

       He's sat back in his chair. He fakes a look at the annos on the right, now he's looking left at the idea, but he's fired off a left click straight down the middle. CROISSAAAAANT!
DrBob, Feb 03 2004

       I'd like this in a UK football version please, then I could vent my frustrations by singing that the referee is a wanker, rather than my usual (curiously unproductive) approach of just swearing at the PC directly.
hazel, Feb 03 2004

       When you start swearing at your PC, it's time for a coffee break. Besides, with a football referee, you could never be sure if, when he whistled, there really had been an error.
DrBob, Feb 03 2004

       When I do something stupid, I want a little beep and nothing else to happen. Or if _really_ necessary, a dialogue box.   

       I don't want some crazy yank* referee yelling at me and making me wait before I can do whatever it is I was trying to do in the first place.   

       *A british one wouldn't really improve matters either.   

       Sorry, not interested.
RobertKidney, Feb 03 2004

       I like the hockey version. The two minute minor for trying to delete a file in use by another application would give me a good excuse for a coffe break.
the_art, Aug 02 2004

       The UK football version would be cute, too. If you do something destructive (like open too many apps at once), the screen will show you a "RED CARD" and the screen locks up for 2 minutes to penalize you. (Also allows the computator time to recover from whatever it is you just did.)
phundug, Aug 02 2004

       Love this   

       and when the hard drive is about to die, a coach is fired
dentworth, Aug 02 2004


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