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fire football

well, it improves (cringe) soccer
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Football, actual football, (soccer) can be improved greatly with the addition of fire. Kicking a tightly wired, parafin soaked ball of rags around at night is a wonderful experience; the deep woof of a kick, the comet like streak against black sky and the smell of burning hair will be dear to the hearts of many players. So why not apply the same improvements to the American brand of 'foot'ball?

Heavy armour is standard for many players already, so the addition of asbesdos or other fire resistant material wouldn't change their roles much, however, the lighter, niftier offensive players would need a whole new set of strategies. Minimal equipment would be provided, including long gauntlets, goggles and shin protectors to allow them to hold the ball for a short time before passing it. This would provide an exciting spectacle as a ball of flame flys around a rapidly shifting arrangement of players. If the ball was lost to the D-fence (dosen't half sound silly) it would slow down as the heftier fellows prepare the ground for an attack.

The technology would need testing. A low tech solution would be to have a large stock of rag balls. The frequent rests between action would provide natural opportunities to replace tattered balls. The NFFL however, would probably spend millions in developing a special material capable of supplying fuel to it's surface at the right rate without itself burning. The rests would then be used as refueling stops. Experiments would also be needed to determine the most appropriate fuel mixture. Ideally it would have a slow, bright and cool burn. As these qualities don't go together well, a compromise would have to be made.

As it is, the sight of one boob with the nipple covered up is enough to eclipse the most important game of the American Football year. This is a badly needed boost.

stilgar, Jul 17 2004

Light Ball http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Light_20Ball
The idea that inspired this one. [stilgar, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       I could have sworn I saw this idea here a few days ago...
po, Jul 17 2004

       if it's still here now I missed it. it does seem to be a logical progression from the boring, non-combustible version so i'd be surprised if i was the first to think of it. i'm actually fishing for a 'baked' and some photos.
stilgar, Jul 17 2004

       Ahhh! pyrotechnic football to compete with pyrotechnic billiards and pyrotrechnic baseball.
DesertFox, Jul 17 2004

       [DesertFox] great idea, i just gave it a fluffy, warm croissant. by the way, i didn't rip you off, i haven't seen the recent list in a while and i only thought to check if pyrofootball existed before posting. rather spooky though.   

       [po] was the baseball idea what you were thinking of?
stilgar, Jul 18 2004

       quite probably.
po, Jul 18 2004

       Baked by the mayan culture.
Pericles, Jul 18 2004


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