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Footbow ski

I got your medieval biathalon right here!
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The crosscountry ski. The longbow. Who has not noticed similarity in shape, size and flexibility? Who has not rigged up a ski with a string in order to shoot ski poles?

But to actually use the ski as a bow while clipped into it takes some doing and 90 degree flexibility.

The footbow ski expects both to glide across the snow and to shoot arrows. The foot binding can be rotated 90 degrees. Ski up to your vantage point, flop down, rotate the ski, string it up and start shooting your arrows the enormous distance made possible (as with any footbow) by the fact you are using both hands and your legs to pull back the string.

Perhaps you are a medieval secret agent? Leave your skis clipped together side by side and strung into curved shape. Now snowboard merrily away from your chumpish pursuers, irate that you have punctured them with arrows from an unreasonable distance. When you catch air off a jump, use your air time to fire an additional arrow from your footbow ski.

The dryland version of the footbow ski stays strung and thus curved. The user rocks forward onto the tip, then pivots such that the end in back is now in front and up in the air. Rock forward onto that front tip and pivot again, making your way forward faster than a man can run. Didn't you read that last part? Ok, so put your back into it then!

bungston, Jun 05 2016


       Well I for one love this.
If a cord tethered an open-ended ski pole to the bow it could be filled with shot or any number of payloads and reused over and over again.

       A curved ski won't have the same surface area in contact with the snow as a flat ski. It is likely the wearer will sink into the snow, instead of glide across the top of it.
Vernon, Jun 06 2016

       Yeah these are going to have some really strange stiffness properties...
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2016

       //Perhaps you are a medieval secret agent?//
Perhaps. Perhaps I am, yes.
calum, Jun 06 2016

       Also, the first televised Footbow Ski competitions will be soundtracked by the Jungle Brothers, only too happy, in their impecunious dotage, to prostitute their seminal Jimbrowski for the sake of sportsjingle moolah.
calum, Jun 06 2016

       Impecunious dotards! nice.
bungston, Jun 10 2016


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