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More Entertaining Archery

Archery With Noise, Smoke And Animals!
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Anyone who saw archery at the last Olympics (or anywhere else for that matter) must have come to realise how drab a spectator sport this is.

I've been giving this some thought and have identified the following major flaws from a watcher's point of view;

* The arrow is too small. You can't see where it is on the target with the naked eye. We need something more visible. * You can't tell either visually or aurally whether the arrow's been released. We need some smoke and noise to tell us when something's actually happening. * It's boring for kids. We could do with some cuteness.

The solution I propose, therefore, is that a new viewer-friendly form of archery is developed involving the firing of penguins from bazookas.

Scotty, Feb 27 2001


       I never found archery dull when we did it in school sports but then my class always made me play catcher.
sirrobin, Feb 27 2001

       Yes, it's OK doing it, but it's hell to watch.   

       We had catching the javelin and heading the shot when I was a nipper.
Scotty, Feb 27 2001

       Scotty - Perhaps it could be the penguins who are firing the bazookas. That has potential.
mark_t, Feb 27 2001

       My answer to an archer spectator sport would involve two opposing teams of WWI era cloth and wood biplanes and wing-walking archers.
Prof Manitou, Apr 14 2003

       You could have whistles attached to the arrows and baseball-style scoreboards:   

       <Phweeeeeeeeee> <thoCK> <TadaTaDAAAA> <BULLSEYE!!!!!>   

       Or make it a contact sport. You could have archers face each other wearing kevlar body armor. At the whistle blow, each archer draws and fires a volley at the opposing team. Those contacted by an arrow are eliminated. Both teams then step a pace foreward.   

       Or a combination of the above.   

       With regards to the javelin, this should be done combined with the sprint. The winner is the one that can throw the cumulative longest distance within 5 minutes. For events broadcast after the 9:00pm watershed, javelins would be painted black and have barbed tails and throwers would not be required to run on a track separate from the flight path of their javelin.
FloridaManatee, Apr 15 2003

       I got hit in the head by a discus once.

thumbwax, Apr 15 2003

       They have clay pigeon shooting at the Olympics, so why not clay pigeon archery?
hippo, Apr 15 2003

       Dartery. A Dartboard set up 50 yards away thats the same size as an archery board. Usual rules stand. Finish on a double.
Oh I've made a boring sport more boring. Sorry.
sufc, Apr 15 2003

       [FloridaManatee] -an arrow would concentrate it's force on one or two threads of kevlar and thus easily penetrate, a common military ball round would spread it's force over a larger area which would prevent penetration.
whatastrangeperson, Mar 26 2004

       Indeed, [whatastrangeperson], metal plate armour wuld be much better. A normal target arrowhead would just dent sheet steel bit an amusing clonk, you can still penetrate steel armour, as the French discovered, but you need a specialised arrowhead (a bodkin).
squigbobble, Apr 25 2005

       //firing of penguins from bazookas//
Goldam. No need for the beauty of Zen here!
I wish I had more than one bone to give for my beliefs.
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005


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