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Force Feedback Mouse

Mouse activity matches work load.
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What I need is a force feedback mouse.

When I move the mouse too far to the right - exceeding the screen area - the mouse should bounce back a few millimeters to the left.

Similarly, the more text I grab from a word document, the harder I should have to push to keep the button down.

If I have a large item selected that I am dragging, the mouse should be hard to move.

This would be a significant feedback method helping to give me a sense of all the 'work' I do.

Gridley, Nov 08 2004

Immersion Technologies http://www.immersio...chware/TWGaming.php
Baked. This company makes the software that causes the force-feedback mice listed here behave much as you describe when using common applications. Look for "TouchWare" and "TouchSense" on this website for details about the software. [krelnik, Nov 08 2004]

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       So, selecting all in a very large manuscript should break your index finger?
bristolz, Nov 08 2004

       Would the mouse roam around your desk when not working? If it has the power to move, that additional ability should not be hard to include. In fact, if you made your mouse pad in the style of a ouiji board, your mouse could bring you messages from the dead when not in use. These could be stored for perusal at a later date.   

       I'm glad this idea is unrelated to the Force Feedbag Mouse. Now that one earned its bones.
bungston, Nov 08 2004

       Baked. Sorry.
5th Earth, Nov 08 2004


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