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Sucking mouthsound with press. sensitive backspace key
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create your own flow by eating text
fast or slow. be a vacuum cleaner
more or less. have a go.
phizor, Oct 06 2002


       You what? Where does the ache come in.
General Washington, Oct 06 2002

       You can set the speed of your Backspace key, in terms of how long it takes for the repeat to kick in, and then how fast the repeat goes, the same way you can for any key. Well, actually, all keys, since you can't individualize it.   

       I doubt there is any great advantage to a variable speed. If you really have gobs of stuff to delete in a hurry, you're better off holding down Shift and using the up arrow or page up, then hitting Delete.   

       As for adding that great sucking sound, you can do that too, though I forget how.
DrCurry, Oct 07 2002

       . . . join NAFTA?
bristolz, Oct 07 2002

       Interesting interpretation, DrC.. I though phizor was talking about some sort of device controlled by inhalation pressure in the mouth..   

       I think (s)he needs to elucidate on the idea, somewhat..
yamahito, Oct 07 2002

       Um - you suck your backspace keys...?
DrCurry, Oct 07 2002

       Well, not me personally..
yamahito, Oct 07 2002

       Silly Dr., he has servants for that.
blissmiss, Oct 07 2002

       My first thought on reading (glancing at) the idea was "Oh, good … a whole idea in under ten lines". Then, immediately after the lost feeling one gets when nothing meaningful registers at the mind, I misinterpreted the idea title as "backsprache" and thought that to be a sound effect whereby one types, then backspaces over the text and the words are pronounced backwards for you. After turning it upside and down and over -- I don't get it! Is it the soundtrack of ‘Pac-Man’?   

       Q: What do backspachegators eat?
A: Backspachegetti.
reensure, Oct 08 2002


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