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Forehead-Mounted LCD Display

All your thoughts and emotions summarized and neatly packaged.
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This nifty device is standard issue for interacting human beings. Eliminates misunderstandings, promotes honesty, and diminishes artificiality in the wearer. All one's feelings, emotions, and big thoughts are summarized, sorted in order of importance or reoccurance, and displayed in easily readable text on the user's forehead LCD display. A possible upgrade includes a dash-board style indicator needle, displaing moods ranging from euphoric to suicidal.
Deity, Jun 11 2001

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Head-worn LCD display [supercat, Jun 11 2001]


       WIBNI and TL 6   

       ---- hey, how about we all just use telepathy?
Susen, Jun 11 2001

       If we all knew what eachother were thinking as we talked, we may never talk to eachother again so what's the point?
Helium, Jun 11 2001

       No, there's no doubt about it, the forehead is all wrong. Any such device should be heart-shaped, and worn on the sleeve....
goff, Jun 11 2001

       As good as baked, if you're any good at all at reading body language. Has the advantage that it's internationally recognisable.
-alx, Jun 11 2001

       I sure don't want anyone reading my "big thoughts" before I get them patented.
beauxeault, Jun 11 2001

       But [alx], it's kind of ironic... I proposed this because I can't read body language.   

       And [Helium], it wouldn't eliminate conversation, it would simply eliminate awkwardness of not knowing where you stand with people.   

       [beauxeault] is right, though; keep it strictly emotional.
Deity, Jun 12 2001

       I like the idea of a display that the wear can't see or control. That WOULD promote honesty.
futurebird, Jun 30 2001

       Children...someday, when you're all growd-up, you'll understand that sometimes big people have to be a little less than honest cuz <secret> TOTAL HONESTY IS A BAD THING!</secret>. There's a reason why there's such a thing as etiquette. If for no other reason than to be nice to people who've done nothing to deserve the knowledge that most people seem to find them (ugly, pathetic, repulsive, boring...whatever) unloveable.   

       Probably the closest anybody would get to something along these lines is the "mood clothing" concept I've seen around here somewhere. Even then I'd imagine that they'd be worn by somewhat needy and boundaryless types.
StreetLight, Jul 03 2001

       But shouldn't honesty be a good thing? I know it's a WIBNI, but in an ideal world, people could - ::GASP:: - accept criticism.   

       If you don't know that you're "(ugly, pathetic, repulsive, boring...whatever) ", how are you going to change that? Wouldn't you want to know, so you can at least make the effort?   

       Perhaps we could make it only readable for people with no emotional intellegence (like me...)
Deity, Aug 31 2001


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