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Divorce-Proof House Prototype 2

This house protects you
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O.k Guys, I'm new. I desparately tried to remember one of my ideas but under pressure, failed. But Inspired by "lancaster, May 18 2001" divorce-proof house breif I thought I'd try out this half frozen idea.

Picture two people who love eachother, always bickering. Or maybe even arguing. Horrible isn't it? I'm going to call the couple Tony and Alex. (could be any combination of gender). They want help before things go pear shaped. They invest in a temporary installation of the Divorce-Proofing Device. This device can run on auto or personalised settings. It can be turned off by either party at anytime by saying a "keyword" like "I Love You"(tee hee). The D.P.D can pick up chosen words like swear words or things being said in a tone/pitch that is definately too aggressive or high. It responds by advising through the speakers or flashing on channel x of the telly. It might say "Tony, you will not help alex understand by swearing." Basically whatever the couple agreed it would say. Maybe something funny. It could have 24 hour monitoring for people who so desire it- and people who can afford it. If Alex started shaking his hands in the air or growling, maybe the 24 hour security person could press a button which for example, replays what that person looks like on telly. Whatever the couple agreed on previously. There are many avenues to this which I would hope you all might think up, good and bad. It could have a boss person who reviews the situation each week and helps with the couselling. This DPD can do anything the couple can think of. Flashing old photos on the garden wall outside....fireworks for rewards...hiding car keys when one is drinking...security guards calling the house to check one is alright....feeding the neglected dog....supporting and guiding....Its all so hollywood isn't it? But thats where the money is.

isla, Apr 24 2002

Film Noir Home http://www.halfbake.../Film_20Noir_20Home
Probably one of the most linked ideas around. [RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"Picture two people who love each other, always bickering. Or maybe even arguing." http://homepage.ntl...lington/things.html
Exactly as you describe, except they're not married. And it's very funny indeed. [calum, Apr 25 2002]


       External intervention in marital affairs would more likely increase the chances of divorce, rather than decrease them.

The only house that could ever be divorce-proof is one that does not house marriages. It's kinda like the rose/thorn shtick, but yet not at all the same.
quarterbaker, Apr 24 2002

       did Proto-type 1 fail??
po, Apr 24 2002

       This is a great usage of the technology developed to create the Film Noir house. It's likely to backfire, though if too intrusive. Familarity breeds contempt, especially to objects designed to be subservient to human interests, like smart homes.
'John Spartan, you will be fined one credit for violating the verbal decency act...' If the house passively responds to your moods instead of trying to correct them, that might be a decent idea and might work towards the positive. It's hard to stay mad at something that passively responds to you without provoking you.
Idea needs some development to eliminate some of the vaguery. Pick a specific improvement and go with it. Perhaps it should be re-categorized under a different home sub-category. Then you'll have my croissant.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

       Sound like "HAL"tm doing marriage counseling. So in a true sci-fi twist, what if the computer have decided that the only way to save the marriage is to eliminate the party. The couple unite and fight for survival and in the end realize it is all part of computer's plan to bring them together. The noble computer sacrifised itself to complete the mission.
bing, Apr 25 2002

       Heh, I like that.   

       "Open the patio doors, HAL."   

       "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that until you apologize to Mary."   

       Don't like the idea, though. One would end up arguing with the system instead of one's spouse.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002

       Woo. Spooky. I had a vaguely related idea for an intelligent house that would detect when you were spending too long in bed, not going out, not answering the phone, eating chocolate etc. All the outward symptoms of a depressed mood, basically. Then it would slyly draw your attention to the pictures of your friends and family, it would get said friends and family to come round, maybe even call your GP (if you got that depressed). I never posted it because...well, I stopped being depressed and forgot about it.
calum, Apr 25 2002

       [calum]: That is a great link.
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       ahh, woopsy, film noir home is a bit too close to this...I didn't see it. Although this really has a different aim. Calums link is utterly hairy! I feel alot better after seeing that! If you ever get stuck in the house or a bit down, send me an email and I'll pretend to be your intellegent house contacting you!:)
isla, Apr 25 2002


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