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Forehead Display

for self awareness of facial expression
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Forehead displays of video feed from a glasses-cam would make people aware of their own facial expressions during a conversation. This would facilitate communication.
JesusHChrist, Apr 18 2006

Forehead Mounted LCD Forehead-Mounted_20LCD_20Display
[DesertFox, Apr 20 2006]

Forehead Display http://www.fotosear...DGT388/BCO20028.jpg
[DrCurry, Apr 20 2006]


       Botox user tries it out, "Oh, no. I think I might be dead!"   

       Are people not already aware of their facial expressions? I know I use mine consciously, usually to reasonably good effect.
half, Apr 18 2006

       Wear a mirror on your forehead. Or sunglasses with mirrored lenses.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 18 2006

       [half], you on holiday? You seem to be on a roll.
david_scothern, Apr 18 2006

       What Lbaf said.
DrCurry, Apr 19 2006

       I unfortunately know too many people in need of this; therefore, a bun.
Rm Brz, Apr 19 2006


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