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gradual resolution display

A display with areas that have less resolution around the periphery
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Displays that have a high resolution in the middle and a lower resolution in the periphery would allow for very large displays, with many open windows, at a cost effective price.

Couple this with a "single window" detachable section of the screen, (with bluetooth) and you can hang the clock in one corner, near your physical window, and put the "radio" (running on media player) on your desk.

If it's reading material, or an extra clear image you want to inspect, simply drag it to the center of the screen, or to the high resolution display hanging over the old TV.

pashute, Jan 20 2003

Foveated imaging https://en.wikipedi...ki/Foveated_imaging
The concept this is based on. Not calling baked because the only displays that use it, AFAIK, are VR goggles, not desktop monitors. [notexactly, Dec 18 2018]


       I saw this done brilliantly once: The user sat in front of a traditional computer screen but also wore a Virtual Reality headset which overlaid a VR world on what the user saw. The purpose of the VR kit was to extend the area of the computer screen in the same plane as the actual screen to make it several metres square. There were sensors to detect the orientation of the users head so that the VR 'screen' would remain static relative to the actual screen. The VR 'screen' was fairly low resolution but it allowed the user to work on windows on their central high-res screen and then drag them off the screen into the VR low-res screen extension (imagine windows floating, suspended in mid air), at too low a resolution to read but recognisable such that they could be dragged back onto the real screen when needed.
hippo, Jan 20 2003

       That sounds nice .....
8th of 7, Jan 20 2003

       Where on earth did you see that [hippo]?
wagster, Mar 04 2005


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