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Foreheads Comparing Thermometer

Put one pad on your forehead and one on the kid's.
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Put one pad on your forehead and one on the kid's: The two pads will compare the forehead's temperature. This digital thermometer can remember the usual temperature of each of the kids, as well as yours, and notify you that something is wrong, and if a better accurate temperature check is needed.
pashute, Oct 21 2007


       The precision of the tool can be high, but its the heat of the forehead which is not enough of an indicator, and more anyingly, your own perception of your own forehead heat is distorted. Overcome both problems by giving a two in one solution: a. Giving a precise reading of your forehead, b. Comparing two readings done at the same time (with the precise difference clearly shown), c. remembering lets say up to 6 "standard temperatures", for 2 parents and 4 children.
pashute, Oct 21 2007

       Why does this involve two people and two pads? If I want to know your temperature, wouldn't I simply measure it?
jutta, Oct 21 2007

       I think this would be more user-friendly than a numerical under-the-tongue (or worse, the other kind) thermometer. Plus, it's less medical for kids and I bet kids would have fun using this themselves to compare their own foreheads to each other (e.g. when they play 'Doctor')
phundug, Oct 22 2007

       Useful because babies need the temperature taken rectally and little kids are afraid of thermometers. So you want a good estimate, before you start arguing with them. Maybe you don't need two pads though. (Thanks phun, I wrote this anno a few hours abo, but submitted only now)
pashute, Oct 22 2007


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