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Animal Sound Meat Thermometer

You'll know what's cooking
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An embedded meat thermometer that emits an animal sound when the meat is cooked. Your turkey will gobble when its internal temperature reaches 165F. The beef and lamb thermometers will moo and bleat louder and louder as the meat gets more well-done.

Not sure what sound would fish make though, but you shouldn't cook it for too long anyways, so maybe it's not even useful to have one.

willsfca, Mar 26 2007


       I didn't know lambs beeped.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 26 2007

       This sounds like something Zojirushi might do. Or maybe Sanrio.
If Sanrio did it, it could be a "Hello Kitty Animal Meat Sound Thermometer."
jutta, Mar 26 2007

       This is one of those good first posts, no?
daseva, Mar 26 2007

       or, as cooking begins, the thermometer could make the sound the animal would make if it were being burned alive: i.e. piercing wails and shreeks of terror, pain and dying. when the meat is done, the sound stops.
xclamp, Mar 26 2007

       + meow for Chinese food...welcome to the halfbakery.
xandram, Mar 26 2007

       Would a mixed grill sound like some kind of unholy choir? And when your beer hits zero it could say "drink me"..In fact I think I think I hear it calling me now.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 26 2007

       oops, i meant bleat, not beep.   

       oh yes, if the sound is based on genetic material of the meat we may get some unsuspected (and probably unappetizing) sounds...   

       this could definitely go two ways: either entice the meat lovers into hunters and butchers, or guilt them into strict vegans.
willsfca, Mar 26 2007


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