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Foreign Language Clock

Says the time in a different foreign language each hour.
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Cycles through an odd number of foreign languages, stating the time on the hour or half hour, if you are so inclined.
tyskland, Nov 29 2002

French as she is not spoke http://www.stone-de...grail/scene-08.html
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       If people wish to learn a foreign language, i don't think a talking clock is the way to go. Really this is just as a novelty.   

       And if you won't give a croissant, i guess i'll just give myself one.   

       "Very well done, marvelous idea, top of the pile"
tyskland, Nov 29 2002

       Hopefully spoken by individuals with distinctive and intriguing voices.
st3f, Nov 29 2002

       Hopefully spoken by the Monty Python team (see link).
DrCurry, Nov 29 2002

       I'm all for it if it includes Esperanto. Just don't make an alarm clock; I'd probably stand all of two mornings of it yelling "Veku! Veku!" at me before I showed it the meaning of "pecetigi".
l2g, Nov 29 2002


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