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MP3 Clock

Grandfather clock with uploadable chimes
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My digital camera had the most annoying click, an imitation of the heavy clunk of a professional's SLR. I tried turning it off, but then I couldn't necessarily tell whether the camera took the picture. I was able to replace it, however, with a discreet but still audible click using an uploaded .wav file.

With the plethora of clocks being proposed lately, I thought it would be interesting to have a grandfather clock to which one could upload chimes, or other sounds of one's choosing. Either a different sound every chime, a random selection, or the same sound for each quarter hour. Any electronic format accepted, from .wav to MP3.

DrCurry, Nov 29 2002

MP3 Clock Radio http://www.halfbake...MP3_20Clock_20Radio
mr/CDM: I think you are looking for this. See link on that page for actual device. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Thinkgeek: DIY MP3 Alarm Clock, $20 http://www.thinkgee...office/lights/a334/
USB interface. Not a grandfather clock, just a normal looking alarm clock. Requires Windows. [jutta, Jun 05 2008]


       I have to admit that I like the traditional 'big ben' chime for grandfather clocks. However I would *love* a small digital alarm clock that could play a random mp3 to wake me up in the morning. An mp3 clock radio I guess - that you could transfer files/playlists to from your computer.   

       Croissant for the concept.
madradish, Nov 29 2002

       Excellent idea - I nominate this one for the um, bakeable thingy
thumbwax, Nov 29 2002

       You could also modify the tick. Croissant.   

       Having said that, and while I love the accuracy and reliability of digital timepieces, there is something wonderfully compelling about real clockwork, even if you have to keep winding it up and it isn't actually that accurate. They're a bit like model steam engines; my favourites are the 8-day chiming clocks with glass sides so you can see the "works" in action.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2002

       MP3 alarm clocks are certainly baked. Don't know of any features to play MP3's on the hour or quarter-hour, though.   

       BTW, earlier today I was pondering the fact that I don't think I've heard a "melody alarm" watch for over a decade. Ironic, given the popularity of ringtones.
supercat, Jun 05 2008


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