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Formula Fuel Cell Series

Zero Emissions Racing
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Much of the innovation we see in cars (aerodynamics, breaking technologies, computer engine management, materials) are a direct result of racing series such as formula one.

I propose creating an open wheeled race car series similar to formula one where the cars run on hydrogen fuel cells. This would further stimulate fuel cell innovation.

The cars could have fuel cells capable running an electric motor with over 500 lb/ft of torque. The cars would be extremely fast but only make around 60 decibels of noise.

The cars could feature regenerative breaking that uses capacitors instead of batteries for short bursts of acceleration.

thejini, Feb 16 2004


       Or just enter a kick-ass H fuel cell car in a formula one race (pending rule changes, no doubt). If you win against gasoline (petrol), then you'll see some wider public acceptance and demand.
oxen crossing, Feb 16 2004

       You'd have to make the courses small and twisty, to account for the fact that electric motors develop all their torque just before they stall (around 1-10 RPM) and drain batteries/fuel like anything at high speeds.   

       Maybe you just need a good CVT.
Macwarrior, May 01 2004

       [Macwarrior] I think the point is that *currently* motors behave like this as people have not been arsed to sort out the problems.   

       New motors such as transverse flux machines that work in-hub, ultracapacitors and other aspects need to be rigorously tested and break out of the motor-gearbox-transmission- friction brakes mindset.   

       They might realise that although weight has a penalty with accelleration, it can give most of it back in regeneration. It will be a whole new equation out there.   

       With such a contest we might get half- decent hybrids that do not rely on farcical gearboxes/transmissions and nonsensical attempts to have a physical connection between engine and wheels.
timbeau, May 02 2004

       60dB measured where?
bristolz, Aug 04 2004


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